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What to Do When Feeling Dizziness During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time when the body undergoes lots of changes and sometimes these changes give rise to lot of symptoms. Dizziness during pregnancy is one such symptom and is very common. Normally it is encountered in the first trimester but sometimes it might continue throughout pregnancy.

Main Cause of Dizziness

The main cause of dizziness during pregnancy is the change in hormones. The pregnancy hormones cause the relaxation of blood vessels, this helps in increasing the blood flow that is needed for the baby, but at the same time it slows down the return of this blood to the veins. This slowing down of vascular blood flow causes lowering down of blood pressure and cause dizziness.

Other Causes of Dizziness

Other causes of dizziness during pregnancy are the low blood sugar levels and anemia i.e. low hemoglobin. Women who have varicose veins also are more prone to dizziness. During second trimester the main cause of dizziness is the pressure of the growing belly on the blood vessels, while dizziness in the third trimester is caused by the weight of the baby on the vena cava or the main blood vessel when one lies on the back.

How to Prevent Dizziness

Ways to reduce the episodes of dizziness are that one should avoid standing for a long time and if there is a need to stand for long then one should keeping moving the feet this would reduce pooling of blood. Other ways to reduce dizziness are to change position slowly, snacking throughout the day to avoid being hungry for long, avoiding lying on the back from second trimester onwards and lastly to wear loose comfortable clothes.

What to Do If Feeling Dizzy

If one is feeling dizzy and faint then the best thing to do is to sit or lie down with lowered head, take deep breaths and loosen any tight clothing.

When to See Doctor

If dizziness is accompanied with vaginal bleeding and pain in the abdomen then doctor should be seen immediately. If dizziness is present on a regular basis accompanied with blurring of vision and headaches then also doctor should be seen.