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Types of Glucose Test in Pregnancy and Significance


When pregnant it’s normal for women to develop a condition known as gestational diabetes or diabetes that is because of pregnancy. This condition can pose a health risk to both the mother and baby and so a glucose test pregnancy is a standard test done in the early part of pregnancy to screen potential gestational diabetes cases.

Types of Glucose Test

There are several types of glucose test pregnancy. The first test is known as glucose challenge screening and the other is glucose tolerance test. The glucose challenge screening is the standard test performed during 26-28 weeks of pregnancy and if a woman test positive for this test then the other test is performed that is the glucose tolerance test and this will diagnose the presence or absence of diabetes.

Glucose Challenge Screening Test

This test does not require any preparation. The woman is given a sweet liquid (glucose) to drink and then blood test is done after an hour to check the rise of blood glucose level. This test is done without fasting. The test is basically done to check how the body is processing sugar. A high blood sugar level means that it’s not processed properly and thus further test would be required.

Glucose Tolerance Test

Those testing positive for glucose challenge screening are asked to have the second glucose test pregnancy done. This test requires prior preparation. The doctor will ask the woman to eat at least 150mg of carbohydrates for three days before fasting for 14 hours for the test. This test is therefore normally scheduled first thing in the morning. The test begins with the blood being drawn to measure baseline fasting glucose level and then one is given a concentrated solution of glucose to drink. Next blood is drawn every hour for next three hours.

Abnormal Blood Glucose Result

Abnormal blood glucose level after glucose tolerance test are 95mg/dl or higher at fasting. 180mg/dl or higher after 1 hour, 155mg/dl or higher after two hours and 140mg/dl or higher after three hours. It should be remembered that not all testing positive for glucose challenge screening will test positive upon further testing.