Tips to Choose the Right Breast Pump

 breast pumpIf you are returning to your job after giving birth to your baby, you may need a breast pump to collect your breast milk for your newborn that he can use when you are not present. There are various types of breast pumps on the market. It is very important to you to select the right breast pump that should be good enough for you to keep your breast milk flowing and prevent infection. Following are some useful tips for selecting the best pump.

Determine Which Type of Breast Pump You Need

There is a wide variety of breast pumps and you have to determine which style and type of breast pump you want to buy. The two main categories f breast pumps are: manual and electric. Some women prefer buying manual pumps over electric pumps. However, the wise thing is to buy electric breast pump instead of manual pump.

Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pumps

These types of pumps are ideal fore those women that have trouble nursing during the first weeks after pregnancy. You can also use these pumps in the case if your baby is not able to nurse in order to build up the milk supply. In this particular condition, your health care provider may recommend you this type of pump.

Top End Electric Personal Use Breast Pump

You should buy this type of breast pump if you need to pump your breast milk twice a day. These types of pumps are the ideal choice for full-time working mums. These pumps are completely automatic and they come with quick cycling times, double-pumping facility and adjustable suction levels.

Mid Range Electric or Battery Operated Breast Pump

If you are looking for a pump for occasional use, you should buy this type of breast pump. It is because this pump is ideal for those mums who need to store their breast milk for only a short time period in emergency and they are available most of the time for breastfeeding their babies.

Cost-Effective Manual Breast Pumps

These types of pumps work on a simple principle as they require a piston or a lever that you have to squeeze in order to create suction to draw milk out of your breasts.

Hand Pumps Vs Electric Pumps

There are many differences between hand breast pumps and electric pumps. Hand pumps are cost-effective, lighter, smaller and quieter than electric pumps. Conversely, electric pumps are more efficient than hand pumps.

Buy Only the Latest Model

Some women buy old models of breast pump in order to save their money. However, it is not a good idea and it can be a very harmful deal because old models that resemble bicycle horns often carry harmful bacteria. In addition, old models are not as efficient s new models.

In short, choosing the right breast pump should not be a difficult task for you. If you still feel confused about which breast pump you should buy, you should get recommendations from your midwife or doctor.

photo by: tiswango