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Symptoms and Management of HPV During Pregnancy


HPV or human papilloma virus is the commonest sexually transmitted virus. Sexually active men and women can get affected by it some time in their life but most would not know about this infection because it does not give rise to any specific symptoms and thus does not require any treatment. A mother can transmit this infection to the baby but this mode of transmission is also not that common.


In most cases there are no symptoms but if there are symptoms they might appear after a month or maybe a year after the exposure to the virus. Some of the HPV strains cause genital warts to develop. These warts are very contagious. The warts appear around the vulva and vagina and around the anus. They can also be in the rectum and cervix. These warts are soft and skin coloured. These warts are painless but they can itch, burn and bleed. Most of the time, these warts go on their own in about three months.


HPV and pregnancy does not have any unlikely effect for the baby. The warts during pregnancy rapidly grow because of vaginal discharge and hormonal change, but this does not have any ill effect on the baby. It is rarely possible to pass on the infection to the baby but again this is not a serious condition and can resolve on its own.

 Management of Hpv during Pregnancy

There’s no medicine for getting rid of the virus.HPV and pregnancy can continue as it is, if someone has warts then also the doctor might decide not to do anything for them because chances are that they will get better by themselves or may disappear altogether after delivery. Sometimes there’s probability of HPV causing cervical cancer, if this is the case and if the doctor deems necessary then she might do a pap smear and if there’s some suspicion on Pap smear than a biopsy would be done. If there is no evidence of invasive cancer than she will wait till the pregnancy is over to deal with the issue.