What are the Superfoods for a Super Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is an amazing little experience. On the other hand, it can make you really tired wearing out your body due to the changes and your emotional balance too. You know what they say: A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Incorporate some delicious super foods in your diet to make you feel stronger than before, zealous than ever and more than ready to have a little baby playing in your arms soon enough.

Foods like legumes, beans, pulses will be high in proteins for energy, fiber for digestion, calcium an iron for strong bones and vitamins like thiamin and niacin. The good thing about beans is that you can freeze them for long periods, and just need to take them out of the freezer and warm up to eat. Yes, you can go for canned food but it doesn’t have as much nutrition as do the original ones since chemical processes drain out their good content. Out of them all, soybean can be crowned king since it has the highest value in nutrition; with ample calcium and iron for you and your developing baby.

Another food group that’ll be good for pregnancy are brown rice, millet and oats; mainly all the whole grains. The fiber will ensure smooth digestion, minerals and proteins for energy and B complex vitamins for added strength. This is where you need to be careful about what you buy; make sure you get the real ones, not the processed ones which have the bran detached.

The next food group is dark green. You’ve guessed it! Ranging from kale and watercress to spinach and collard; you need to add as much green in your diet as you can because the supply of vitamins, minerals, Vitamin A and C is immense. Another added advantage is that the greens have phytochemicals namely carotene and lutein, which are is a natural army against carcinogens. The cabbage family will assist you in the form of broccoli and Brussels sprouts, which are also rich in vitamins and anti-cancer properties. Not only in pregnancy, but once you start nursing, they will ensure that your baby always have loads of milk to suckle on.

If you’re a dry fruit person, the pregnancy will really be enjoyable. Eat loads of almonds and walnuts, seeds and nuts to get that bit of omega 3 you need in the body. Not only will your own body get tougher but the baby’s brain as well as nerves system will get assistance in development. It’s up to you whether to eat them raw, or to toast them, make them salty or have them bland! Why not prep up a leafy salad with nuts in it? Yum!

Last but certainly not the least, you need lots of water. Not only does water keep you fresh and pink, but it keeps you more energetic. Rest a lot because you don’t want any stress upon the child you’re bearing. Toughen up Mommy; because the new baby will bring lots of happiness and lots of hard work!