Smoking and Pregnancy – Some Eye Opening Facts

If you are pregnant and smoke, you should understand that smoking and pregnancy are two totally incompatible things.  You are strongly advised to immediately stop smoking after getting to know that you have successfully conceived and you have a developing baby inside of you. There are a number of health risks that are associated with smoking during pregnancy. That’s why it is strongly advised to pregnant women to avoid smoking for the sake of good health and proper development of their babies.

Health Risks Associated With Smoking during Pregnancy

smoking and pregnancyIf you haven’t given up smoking yet and you are pregnant, you are likely to face following serious health risks that are closely related to smoking and pregnancy.

  • Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen that is available to your internal body system and to your developing baby.
  • Smoking increases the heart rate of your fetus.
  • It increases the risk of premature birth of your baby or in some cases babies are born with low birth weight.
  • It increases the chances of stillbirth and miscarriage.

There is no safe combination of smoking and pregnancy because the more you smoke during pregnancy, the greater changes of your baby to develop above mentioned health risks.

What You Can Do to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy?

It’s easy to say that if you are pregnant, you should stay away from smoking. It can be little difficult for you to quit smoking, but there are some easy things and tricks that you can do to avoid smoking.

  • First, you should hide lighters, matchboxes and ashtrays.
  • Secondly, avoid the company of those individuals that smoke.
  • Thirdly, avoid drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol because both of these things stimulate the urge of smoking.
  • In addition to these things, you should change your habits that trigger the need of smoking.
  • Ask your partner or any other close family member to help you avoid smoking.

Common Questions Related to Smoking and Pregnancy

Following are some important and common questions that are related to smoking and pregnancy and often asked by pregnant women.

1: Can I Cut Down on the Quantity of Cigarettes Rather Than Completely Quitting?

Many women think that by reducing the number of cigarettes they smoke everyday during pregnancy they can reduce health risks related to smoking. However, the only effective way to protect your developing baby is to completely quit smoking. If you are a chain smoker and you find it very hard to completely quit smoking and you only want to cut down on the number of cigarettes, you should make sure that you are not inhaling more deeply and you should avoid getting more puffs.

2: What is the Best Time to Quit Smoking?

Ideally, you should quit smoking before conceiving a baby. However, if you have conceived, you should seriously think of quitting during the first three to four moths of your pregnancy.

In addition to these questions, there is a long list of questions that pregnant women usually ask about smoking and pregnancy. It is strongly advisable to those pregnant women that smoke to consult their physician to get the answers of their questions.

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