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Should You Drink Alcohol during Pregnancy?


It is strictly advised to pregnant women to avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy. It’s mainly because alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause a wide variety of physical and mental birth defects in your baby.

How Much Alcohol Is Safe to Consume During Pregnancy?

A common question that all pregnant women often ask is that how much alcohol is safe to consume during pregnancy. According to many health experts, any amount of alcohol is not safe during pregnancy. In simpler words, you have to quit drinking alcohol during pregnancy whether you are a moderate drinker or you drink alcohol occasionally. Those women that are heavy drinkers are strongly advised to ditch the habit of drinking during pregnancy. It’s because heavy alcohol consumption during pregnancy leads to severe birth defects. That’s why the only way to avoid any type of birth defects related to alcohol is to avoid drinking alcohol when you are pregnant.

What Happens When a Pregnant Woman Drinks Alcohol?

In order to understand what happens when a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, it is important to first understand that whatever a pregnant woman takes up, it directly affects her fetus. It is clear from this point that when you drink alcohol during pregnancy, it passes through the placenta to your developing baby. Alcohol doesn’t not quickly neutralize in the immature body of your fetus due to which it can cause lifelong complications and damages to your developing baby. Alcohol interferes with the developing baby’s ability to absorb sufficient amount of oxygen and nourishment for normal and healthy cell development in his brain in addition to other body parts.

Alcohol During Pregnancy and FASDs

Heavy or moderate consumption of alcohol during pregnancy ends up on FASDs. FASDs is for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders that basically consist of a variety of problems that are triggered by the exposure of your baby to alcohol or other controlled substances before birth. The effects of these problems range from mild to severe. Some of these problems include defects that involve heart, kidney and other organs; and some effects include intellectual disabilities such as learning, behavioral problems etc. One of the most dangerous problems includes fetal alcohol syndrome that is a combination of mental and physical birth defects. In addition to these problems, alcohol consumption during pregnancy increases the chances for preterm babies and miscarriage. According to some studies, consumption of alcohol during pregnancy may lead to stillbirth. There is a long list of problems and defects that your developing baby is likely to develop if you are consuming alcohol or other controlled substances during pregnancy.

Consult Your Doctor To Get Sincere Advice about Alcohol Consumption

It is strongly advisable to all pregnant women to talk to their physicians about alcohol consumption. If you drink heavily, you will have to give up this addiction in order to ensure proper development of your fetus and to avoid the development of serious problems. Even if you drink alcohol moderately, it is wise to get a sincere advice from your doctor about alcohol consumption.