Services Offered at Pregnancy Resource Center

Pregnancy resource centre is a place that offers support services to pregnant ladies, sexual health guidance to communities and also offers help in confidentiality to women who have unwanted pregnancies, or have suffered some trauma, counseling and contraceptive advice.


The services provided by the pregnancy resource centre are crisis pregnancy management, advice on sexual health, support when miscarriage happens, post abortion support, and other kinds of services for schools and colleges. PRC is a nonprofit organization. It mainly counsels women against aborting unwanted pregnancies. It provides counseling related to abortion, pregnancy, childbirth, bringing up of child and financial assistance where needed.

Counseling Services

The whole idea of pregnancy resource centre is to give informed choices to the woman. When unwanted pregnancy is there one is stressed-out and don’t know where to turn to. Unwanted pregnancy at a very young age is a reason of most abortions. PRC counsel these young girls and give them options as to what would happen in each scenario i.e. if she aborts the baby or if she goes ahead with the pregnancy. Adoption options are also given.


The staff of pregnancy resource centre is very warm, caring individuals who are specially trained in the areas to assist in such situations. They also are trained to offer counseling services in sexual health. The PRC assists in answering queries regarding sexually transmitted diseases and where to have confidential sexually transmitted disease testing done.

Ultra Sounds

The PRC have clinics that offer ultra sound scans. The main purpose of theses scans is the confirmation of pregnancy. The ultrasound is done by trained medical staff and also determines the location of pregnancy whether it is intra uterine or ectopic. Ectopic pregnancy is life threatening and has to be terminated. All the scans are done in confidentiality and at no time the gender of the baby is disclosed.