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Preparing for Pregnancy – What to Expect and How to Handle


Almost all the women have this blessing that they are given the capacity to bear a baby during their life, at least once. A baby is the most beautiful and perfect gift to the husband by a woman. A baby brings the couple closer to each other and it is also the time when they can justifiably call themselves a family. Most couples start plans about pregnancy and birth of the child when they become aware that the woman has got pregnant.

It is important to be aware of the issues regarding preconception and child birth when we discuss pregnancy. In order to know detailed facts about childbirth, it is advisable that the couple visits a midwife or a physician. Since a woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes, therefore, physical preparation is also required for giving birth.

A health caregiver will be beneficial in telling about preparing the woman’s body for conception and will also give detailed information about the possible problems in pregnancy. A woman will need to observe certain precautions for ensuring a healthy baby, therefore, stress is quite normal. A woman can be really prepared for giving birth when she has got information about lifestyle changes, preconception, critical importance of folic acid, safety and prenatal vitamins intake.

A woman’s lifestyle will undergo a change when preparing for pregnancy. Smoking is a no starter at all and the consumption of alcohol is also discouraged. By not cutting on these two addictions, you can compromise the health of the newborn as well as the woman. The weight of the woman also needs to be evaluated and she might need to gain or lose weight depending on her build and height.

A fitness regime can be a good start in preparing for pregnancy. A woman should talk with the physician and agree on workout and nutrition requirements and get all the answers relating to food and exercise during pregnancy.

A good way to know the proper situation is to get maximum information about the woman’s body during the early stages of pregnancy. Different body parts of a woman perform specialized roles when it comes to pregnancy. There are certain health conditions of the prospective parents which should also be discussed with the doctor.

A couple also feels stress and anxiety because of the critical nature of the event in the couple’s life. It is normal for women to have a little preconception stress because of many factors such has sexuality, scheduling, self esteem and a lot many others.

The couple should be confident about how to handle the child while preparing for pregnancy. It is beneficial to have information about the early pregnancy symptoms because these symptoms are indication of the progress of pregnancy. When the couple is confident that they are now ready for the pregnancy, then a visit to the Gynecologist/Obstetrician should be made to glean more information about pregnancy. This is also the time when the couple can start using a pregnancy calendar to keep track of the pregnancy and birth of the child.

When women come to know that they are pregnant, it is normal to feel anxiety. But spending more time with your husband and regular prenatal care by visits to OBGYN, good recommended exercise, and getting relaxation time should help you deal with anxiety. The only worry that should be left should be what to name the new baby?