How Pre-existing Health Conditions can Affect Your Baby

The maintenance of her health should be the main concern for a woman throughout her gestation period of nine months. The main reason behind is that anything that adversely affects a mother ought to affect the child in the same way. Pregnant women should be well aware of the fact that any pre-existing health condition or any medication they are taking in order to treat that condition can have effects on the baby in their womb as well. Some of the main outcomes a pregnant woman should be concerned about her newborn are the increased risks of a baby with abnormally low or abnormally high weight, premature births, pre-eclampsia, premature rupture of membranes, developmental issues, congenital heart block, and several other deformities. In severe cases, it may even lead to the death of the child, the mother, or even both!

Although some pre-existing health conditions might not be so severe, there are some that need to be watched out for, such as asthma, anemia, arthritis, epilepsy, heart conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, kidney disorders, liver diseases, thyroid disorders, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes, infections, eating disorders, hypertension, substance abuse, human immunodeficiency virus,  depression, mental illnesses, and diabetes. Where these diseases and disorders can be extremely dangerous for both the mother and the child, timely assistance and treatment can help reduce the risks or even eliminate these ailments.

Women should pay regular visits to their gynecologists, at least once every month during a normal pregnancy period. However, women who take medicines or those who suffer from health conditions should consider visiting more often so they could be monitored and treated efficiently and with utmost care. This one, the mother can find out how her pre-existing health condition is affecting the second life inside her.

Prevention is better than cure. Women who are thinking about pregnancy but suffer from pre-existing ailments should consult an obstetrician or two to get their professional views and guidance before conception takes place. A medical professional will be better able to guide you with the risks and their intensities. Plus you’d get to know the pros and cons related to carrying and delivering an offspring. This process is regarded to as ‘preconception planning’, and when coupled with an early and an on-going process of parental care, it can assist quite well to ensure that both the mother and the child have a safe and healthy gestation period.

The best benefit that a mother can get from preconception planning is that she can create a plan in advance for every stage of pregnancy. Obstetricians can also better help the couple with counselling about health conditions and medications used to treat them, and the changes that should be made in the mother’s dietary regime, if any. In the cases where the mother-to-be has eating disorders or a habit of substance abuse, your doctor might suggest any therapeutic treatments that may aid the process of elimination of those problems before pregnancy or in the initial stages so that it does not affect the chils-to-be. Over the times, researches and studies have led to the understanding that the diet and medication of a pregnant woman can directly affect the health of the child she carries in her womb.

It is not necessary that any chronic health condition should affect a woman of her child. Along with the medical advice she gets about her existing ailments, a pregnant woman should also benefit from the support of those people who are close to her, like her family members and friends. Women can also come across online groups and discussion forums where they will find other women who also suffer from the same disorders as them. This way, the woman can feel less depressed, knowing that there is some other woman who feels just the same as she does. You will find numerous examples of women who have defeated their illnesses and have carried and given birth to their child in a normal manner. Therefore, preconception planning and guidance is something that is very important to ensure the health and safety of both the mother and the child.