Most Important Pregnancy Facts and Common Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy is a very special time and to make it more special down the year’s facts and fiction has given rise to a plethora of information that is now so muddled that pregnancy facts and myths have become muddled up. Women who are pregnant are bogged down by loads of information that have been going around in the family down the years and are confused by the sheer amount of it and sometimes by the fact that most of those things make no sense at all.

Pregnancy Myths

There are many myths that go around when someone is pregnant but the truth is that all these myths are not true and there is a logical explanation to everything. Pregnancy facts explain everything in a manner that makes sense. Some of the common pregnancy myths are that pregnant women crave ice creams and pickles, women who carry low will give birth to baby boy and women who have acne in pregnancy will have a girl, pregnant women must gain 25 pounds, pregnant women should not take baths, one should not eat fish I pregnancy or clean cat litter.

Pregnancy Facts

The above are myths while pregnancy facts give valid scientific, logical explanation for all the myths. Women craving pickles might be lacking minerals and so their craving is for salt actually and not pickles, while ice-cream craving means that one needs comfort as sweets and ice creams are associated with comfort foods.  Carriage of baby depends on the woman’s built and has nothing to do with the gender. Same applies to the weight gain, the weight gain has to be adequate and as long as the woman is not deficient in anything, is healthy and the baby is healthy it’s not important whether she gains 25 pounds or not.

Other Facts

Same applies to other myths the cat litter can give rise to toxoplasmosis that can be harmful for the baby so it’s better that the pregnant woman doesn’t handle cat litter. Fish is associated with high levels of mercury but it does not mean that she has to avoid fish but choose fish with lower levels of mercury.