How to Breastfeed ?

how to breastfeedBreastfeeding your newborn is not only related to nutrition but also it is about comfort and nurturing. If you are going to be a mum soon, you may need guidance about how to breastfeed. Here are few important things that will help you learn how to breastfeed perfectly.

Ask Your Midwife or Maternity Nurse to Give You a Demo

You can easily learn how to breastfeed with the help of your midwife or maternity nurse. They can give you a live demo about how to hold baby for breastfeeding. You can also ask your mother or any close family member who has an experience of breastfeeding about breastfeeding.

Position Yourself Correctly

The first thing that you must learn when learning how to breastfeed is to position yourself correctly in order to ensure that your baby is latching on properly. In order to position yourself correctly, you need to do following steps.

  • Sit up in your bed for breastfeeding, in a rocking chair or in a comfortable armchair.
  • Make sure you have nursing pillows that you can use to support your body while you are breastfeeding your baby. You should place a pillow behind your back and under your elbow.
  • You should use any supporting table, chair or footstool that you can use to keep your feet in a comfortable position during breas6tfeeding.
  • Try to stay relaxed.

Position Your Little One

Now it’s the time to position your little one for breastfeeding. You should make sure that he is lying on his side and his whole body is facing you.

Breastfeeding Positions

While learning how to breastfeed, you will learn about different breastfeeding positions that you can use to breastfeed your little one. You should choose a position that is comfortable for you and your baby and that allows you to provide sufficient milk supply to your baby. You can breastfeed your baby in sitting and lying position depending on your comfort.

Get Lactation Consultation

It is very important to you to get lactation consultation, especially if you are a first-time mum. It’s because there are many things about breastfeeding that you must be aware of in order to keep yourself and your little one healthy. Your lactation consultant can guide you better about these things. These things include breastfeeding problems and breastfeeding positions.

Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene

Another important thing that you should take care of while nursing your baby is your personal hygiene. You will learn about how to keep your breasts and nipples clean while you are nursing your baby.

On the whole, you can easily learn about how to breastfeed by contacting your doctor or midwife. You should try to breastfeed your baby for at least first six months after giving birth to your child. If you find it difficult to breastfeed tour baby regularly, you should try using breast pumps to store your breast milk. If you have any type of problem related to breastfeeding, contact your lactation consultant, midwife or doctor to get help.

photo by: Pusteblumenland