Good Pregnancy Recipes to Support Pregnancy Weight Gain

Pregnancy is a special time in one’s life and that is the time when diet and nutrition have the center stage, a well fed mother means a well fed baby and an easier pregnancy. To make this stage in one’s life more interesting and special there are pregnancy recipes that are handed down from generation to generation and are formulated by keeping the special needs of this very special time in one’s life.

Special Recipes Supporting Pregnancy Weight Gain

There are special recipes that are formulated keeping in mind the need for low glycemic index carbohydrates and lean proteins these pregnancy recipes focus on healthy weight gain throughout pregnancy. The special recipes include shepherd’s pie, banana and berry smoothie, barbecued chili and sesame beef with red cabbage slaw.

Special Recipes with Nutrients

Pregnancy is a time when the diet of mother to be has to be full of nutrients and while there’s not a single nutrient that can be pin pointed there are several that are needed in good amount. It’s important to choose pregnancy recipes that are packed with folic acid, omega 3, calcium and fiber and fats. Green leafy vegetables are full of folates, iron rich lean red meats, fish and poultry are also important. Calcium rich dairy items should also be not forgotten. Special recipes are formulated keeping these nutrients in mind.

Pregnancy Recipes to Soothe Cravings

During pregnancy women crave for certain things so some pregnancy recipes are formulated keeping these cravings in mind. Lemonades, Mac and cheese, burgers, milk shakes all can be specially prepared that incorporate taste as well as nutrition. A healthy recipe does not have to be bland, there are many books available that have these special pregnancy recipes and some websites also have these recipes that are easy to make and full of nutrition.