Foods That Should be the Part of Your Breastfeeding Diet

breastfeeding dietOne of the most important things for a new mum is a healthy breastfeeding diet. A pregnant woman and a nursing mother should take extra acre of her diet because whatever they are eating has a direct affect on her baby’s health. Many nursing mothers rush to lose pregnancy weight after delivery which is not a healthy way to cut down on extra pounds. You should adopt a slow pace to lose unnecessary pounds. It’s because while you are breastfeeding, your baby is getting nutrients from your breast milk. Following are some details about those foods that should be the part of your breastfeeding diet.

Eat Low Fat Diary Products

Diary products are very important for your health, especially for breastfeeding. It is very important to you to supply a good amount of vitamin D, calcium and B vitamins to your baby. You should consume low-fat dairy products while you are breastfeeding. You can eat any dairy product that you like such as milk, yogurt or cheese.

Eat Perfect Food – Salmon

When it comes to eat perfect food, Salmon consumption is close to this idea. It’s because it is a very nutritious food and it should be the essential part of your breastfeeding diet. Salmon is rich in DHA, which is a type of fat and it very important for the development of the nervous system of your baby. Breast milk naturally contains DHA but the high amount of DHA is found in the breast milk of those women that get DHA from their breastfeeding diet.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Another important food that must be the part of your breastfeeding diet is leafy green vegetables such as Swiss chard, spinach and broccoli etc. Leafy green vegetables are rich in vitamin A that is very important for your baby. These vegetables are the best source of dietary calcium other than dairy products. These vegetables also contain a good amount of vitamin C and iron. You should make sure that your breastfeeding diet contains any of the leafy green vegetables.

Egg Yolk

Vitamin D is very important for the strength and development of your baby’s bones. To get sufficient amount of vitamin D you should consume egg yolk.  Eggs are not only a rich source of protein but they contain many essential nutrients that are very important for your baby’s health.

Brown Rice

If you are trying to lose weight after delivery, slow down and make sure your breastfeeding diet contains whole-grain carbs such as brown rice. You should consume those foods during nursing period that can keep your energy levels up. Brown rice provides sufficient calories to your body that are consumed by your body for the production of sufficient amount of breast milk.

Whole-Wheat Bread

Another important food that you should add to your breastfeeding diet is whole-wheat bread. It contains folic acid that is very important for the proper development and growth of your baby. Consume a good amount of enriched whole-grain pastas and breads that are fortified with folic acid.

photo by: avlxyz