Important Facts About Pregnancy Test Results

The first thing that someone does after suspecting pregnancy is to perform pregnancy test. This test is of two types one is blood and other is urine. Urine pregnancy test is normally home and is known as the qualitative test and only confirms the presence or absence of pregnancy while the blood test is quantitative and gives the exact quantity of hormone in the blood.

How Is Pregnancy Test Performed

The blood pregnancy test is performed in the hospital setting while the urine is done at home. The home pregnancy test kit comes with exact instructions regarding the test and it is to be strictly followed. The test is based on the presence of pregnancy hormone in the urine, which starts getting produced 7-10 days after fertilization. It is recommended to perform the test after this period.   Test kit consists of a dip stick and this has to be immersed in the urine for 10 -15 seconds, some require the use of a dropper to pour urine on the stick. The result is read after 15 seconds or so and is in the form of a plus sign or two straight lines or color change.

Accuracy of the Test

Pregnancy test result is 99% accurate.  Pregnancy test result accuracy depends on the performance of test. If the test is performed according to the instructions given then the probability of accuracy is high. Normally the test is supposed to be done after the missed period but if it has to be done earlier then at least 7-10 days should be given after fertilization for the hormone to show in the urine.

Positive or Negative Result

In case of negative pregnancy test result the test should be performed one more time after a couple of days and instructions should be followed , if the test is still negative and periods are delayed then a doctor has to be consulted and cause should be found out. If test result is positive then also a doctor should be seen so that further course should be planned and prenatal labs can be ordered.