How to Ensure Healthy Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy means dietary plan and intake of nutrients while pregnant. Nutrition and pregnancy have direct connection; studies show that women who don’t have a healthy nutrition have a high mortality and disorder rate among their newborns. Mothers who are well nourished have healthier babies. This healthy nutrition is important not only while pregnant but also in the period before the pregnancy and after pregnancy as well.

Healthy Nutrition before Conception

Healthy nutrition is the key even before one tries to conceive. It’s better to consult a doctor and start with a health checkup and then the doctor might start one on prenatal vitamins and minerals. Folic acid is normally requires to prevent neural tube defects in the newborns and for the healthy growth of follicles. Magnesium and zinc supplements are required for binding of hormones to their receptors. Vitamin B 12 is required to prevent infertility and ill health. All these nutrients are important fir healthy conception.

Healthy Nutrition While Pregnant

Healthy nutrition during pregnancy is the most important thing. During the initial stages of pregnancy hormonal changes might cause nausea and vomiting in women which can lead to loss of nutrients but these can be supplemented in the form of tablets. Vitamin B 12 and folic acid is very important. Food rich in iron is important to prevent anemia and oxygen and deficiency in baby, well balanced diet that is rich in all nutrients is extremely important.

Things to Avoid While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a very important time and extreme care should be taken in each and every aspect specially nutrition. A well balanced nutrition during pregnancy is extremely important for a pregnant woman and there are certain things that should be avoided for example Vitamin A should be avoided as it is linked to birth defects and deformities. Alcohol consumption should be avoided. Special care should be given to the preparation of food and foods that contain large amounts of bacteria like soft cheeses should be avoided.