Common Questions about Breastfeeding Twins

breastfeeding twinsBreastfeeding twins is a mystery for some women. In reality, it is not a strange or different task than breastfeeding a single baby. It takes a lot of determination to breastfeed two babies at the same time. It’s because breastfeeding has its good and bad points. Mum with twins may find it very difficult and almost nerve-stretching to breastfeed her twins at the same time, but with determination this task can be done easily. Here are some common questions related to breastfeeding twins.

How Much Time is Required to Breastfeed Twins?

Some women think that breastfeeding twins takes longer than bottle-feeding twins. In reality, breastfeeding two babies takes the same amount of time as it does to bottle feed two babies. Bottle feeding takes probably more time than breastfeeding, as the mum will have to prepare milk formula in addition to was and sterile the bottles.

Can I Breastfeed My Twins Simultaneously?

Yes off course you can do it. However, it takes time and practice to get complete command over breastfeeding twins simultaneously.  You may choose to breastfeed your twins separately, but it will consume a lot of your time and energy. Breastfeeding twins simultaneously is a tome-saving act. It allows you to save time to sleep and to get more rest. It also allows you to keep both your babies calm by satisfying their hunger concurrently.

Do I Need to Follow a Flexible Routine?

For a better milk supply, you should allow your twins to breastfeed often. You should breastfeed your twins when they are ready for it. You should start breastfeeding twins on demand and then switch to a feeding routine.

Can I Produce Sufficient Breast Milk for Twins?

Yes because when you are breastfeeding twins, your body will produce sufficient milk for your babies. Bear in mind that breastfeeding works mainly on the simple rule of supple and demand.

Which Breastfeeding Positions I Should Use?

There are different positions for breastfeeding that you can use to satisfy the hunger of your twins. It is advised to you to get lactation consultation from your lactation consultant to find out which breastfeeding position is the best for you that you can use to breastfeed your twins at the same time without any problem.

Will Breastfeeding Twins Affect My Nipples?

If you are breastfeeding twins, you should bear in mind that it doesn’t make you to have sore nipples. If your babies are not latching on well, you are likely to have sore breasts. If you are getting your nipples sore, talk to your midwife.

Where I Can Get Help for Breastfeeding Twins?

Your family, especially your husband plays a very important role in motivating you for breastfeeding twins. You should get lactation consultation from your midwife, lactation consultant or from the maternity nurse for breastfeeding your twins. You should keep your supporting objects ready before starting breastfeeding your twins. Likewise, you should get your support team in place before giving birth to your twins. Your doctor, lactation consultant or midwife should be able to give you answers of all your questions related to breastfeeding your twins.

photo by: EtanSivad