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Cause of Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy and How to Get Relief


Pregnancy is a time when the whole body is under tremendous pressure and lot of changes are going on in the body. The three trimesters see a woman undergo lot of symptoms, pelvic pain during pregnancy, is also one such symptom and is a very common occurrence. There are many different causes of this pain, most are non serious but sometimes this pain can signify something more serious.

Main Cause

Normally pelvic pain during pregnancy is because the ligaments supporting the uterus are stretching under the influence of pregnancy hormones. This stretch is to accommodate the growing uterus and starts from 8- 12 weeks of pregnancy; it’s also called accommodation pain. In the second trimester some women get another kind of pelvic pain called the round ligament pain, this is because of stretching of ligament that goes from the top of the uterus to the bottom.

Other Causes

Other non serious causes of pelvic pain are Braxton Hicks contractions: these are the practice contractions that come and go and are not too painful. They are sporadic and go away on their own. Sometimes constipation also causes pelvic pain. Women sometimes get urinary tract infection in pregnancy and this can also be one of the causes of pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Serious Causes of Pelvic Pain

Sometimes this pelvic pain might indicate something more serious, if the pelvic pain in the first trimester is accompanied with severe bleeding and cramping than this might signify miscarriage. Ectopic pregnancy can also give rise to pelvic pain and is because of implantation of fertilized embryo outside uterus. Pelvic pain because of ectopic pregnancy is signified by intense pain and bleeding between 6th and 10 weeks of pregnancy.

What to Do For Pain

If the pain is because of something non serious than one can try taking warm bath, this helps in reducing pain.  A pelvic girdle also helps in relieving the pain, light exercise, massage and taking care while changing positions all help in easing the pain.

Call a Doctor

Pelvic pain during pregnancy that is not relieved by anything is of increasing in intensity and is accompanied by bleeding, dizziness, swelling of hands and feet, and green watery discharge should be immediately seen by a doctor.