Week 14 Pregnancy Symptoms and What to Expect

Pregnancy consists of three trimesters the first trimester is from 0-13 weeks, the second is from 14-26 weeks and the third trimester is from 27 to 40 weeks.  Each trimester and each week is very special as lots of changes are going on in the body as well as the development of the new life […]

26 Weeks Pregnant: Constipation, Braxton Hicks, High Blood Pressure

26 Weeks Pregnant: End of Second Trimester When you are 26 weeks pregnant, it’s the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. At 26 weeks pregnant, your belly size will increase and you will experience little more discomfort. Due to the increase of your belly size, your baby will make more moves. 26 Weeks Pregnant: […]

25 Weeks Pregnant: Itchiness, Leg Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica Pain

25 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Related Itchiness and Pain Now you are 25 weeks pregnant and you should be aware of those pregnancy complications that are associated with a 25 weeks pregnant. During this period many pregnant women are likely to contract pregnancy complications. 25 Weeks Pregnant: Changes In Your Baby When you are 25 weeks […]

24 Weeks Pregnant: Sweating, Pain, Foot Swelling, Anxiety, Sleep Issue

24 Weeks Pregnant – Time For Rapid Eye Movements In Your Baby By the time you are 24 weeks pregnant, your baby will start showing rapid eye movements. When you are 23 weeks pregnant, your uterus will continue to grow bigger. Some more significant changes will occur in you and your baby. 24 Weeks Pregnant: […]

23 Weeks Pregnant: Dehydration, Sleep Problems, Baby Movements

23 Weeks Pregnant – Time For More Sleepless Nights You are now 23 weeks pregnant and some pregnancy related issues of 23 weeks pregnant like stretch marks and skin problems become more specific during this week of pregnancy. These issues are the major point of concerns for first time mothers. 23 Weeks Pregnant: Changes In […]

22 Weeks Pregnant: Stretch Marks, Itching, Cramps, Fast Heart Rate

22 Weeks Pregnant – Time For High Paced Changes You are 22 weeks pregnant and it’s the time for some high paced developmental changes in your baby. At 22 weeks pregnant, you will also notice some significant changes in your skin during this week. You can get edemas on your skin during this week. In […]

21 Weeks Pregnant: Gum Problem, Leg Pain, Infection, Vaginal Discharge

21 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Can Listen You Now you are 21 weeks pregnant and it’s the time to face some minor symptoms of pregnancy. When you are 21 weeks pregnant, you will face some minor changes. Your libido will become sensitive while your feet will feel the addition of weight. 21 Weeks Pregnant: Changes In […]

20 Weeks Pregnant: Muscle Cramps, Hot Flashes, Sleep Problems

20 Week Pregnant – Breathing and Bone Development Starts You’re 20 weeks pregnant which means that you have successfully completed half of your journey to have a baby. At 20 weeks pregnant, your pregnancy is safe and the chances of miscarriage are very low. Some more good changes will continue to occur during this week […]

19 Weeks Pregnant: Pelvic Pain, Heartburn, Abdomen Pain, Dark Skin

19 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Grows Bigger When you are 19 weeks pregnant, it’s the time when your baby grows bigger. Your body at 19 weeks pregnant shows some noticeable and faster changes. Your baby’s height increases significantly during this week. It occurs due to the development of your baby’s legs. You will feel pelvic pain […]

18 Weeks Pregnant: Dark Skin, Rough Hair, Sleep Problem, Discomfort

18 Weeks Pregnant – Time To Eat A Lot 18 weeks  pregnant is the time when your appetite is increased and your belly grows bigger. When you’re 18 weeks pregnant, your appetite will increase significantly and you will need to eat a lot to satisfy your hunger. During this week, weight gain is a normal sign […]