Week 14 Pregnancy Symptoms and What to Expect

Pregnancy consists of three trimesters the first trimester is from 0-13 weeks, the second is from 14-26 weeks and the third trimester is from 27 to 40 weeks.  Each trimester and each week is very special as lots of changes are going on in the body as well as the development of the new life […]

Week 11 Pregnancy Changes in Body, Weight Gain and What Next

Pregnancy is a very special time and once when pregnancy is confirmed life starts changing a t a rapid pace. Week 11 pregnancy is the time when all the changes and symptoms one had been experiencing are making sense, pregnancy has been confirmed , doctor’s visit has been done for a couple of times and […]

Full Term Pregnancy Benefits and Causes of Interrupted Full Term Pregnancy

Pregnancy consists of three trimesters and in all there are 40 weeks. Full term pregnancy means pregnancy lasted for at least 37 weeks. Many doctors consider baby to be born full term if labor happens anytime after 37 weeks even though the due date is about 3 weeks away. Full Term Pregnancy Benefits There are […]

Week 9 Pregnancy: Changes in the Baby and Body

Week 9 pregnancy is still first trimester of pregnancy and is considered early pregnancy.  Normal pregnancy comprises of three trimesters and each trimester involves important changes in the body as well as developmental milestones for the baby. Week 9 Pregnancy: Changes in the Body Week 9 pregnancy consists of same body changes that are felt […]

Pregnancy Symptoms at 4 Weeks: What Is Happening

Sometimes when one has been trying to conceive for a long time each little sign and symptom is read very seriously. Pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks are very difficult to read because this would be the very early stage of pregnancy and in most cases not yet confirmed pregnancy. Pregnancy Symptoms at 4 Weeks Pregnancy […]

First month of pregnancy symptoms and Changes in Baby

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life and it involves lot of physical and emotional changes. Pregnancy consists of 40 weeks and counted from last day of menstrual period. Initially woman is not aware that she’s pregnant until 5-6 weeks have passed and first period is missed. In some cases women seem to […]

The 3 Pregnancy Stages and Trimesters

Pregnancy is divided into three stages. The pregnancy stages are known as trimesters. Total pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. The first trimester is from 1st to 12 weeks. The second trimester is from 13 to 28th week and third trimester is from 29th to 40 weeks. Pregnancy stages help us in understanding the development of […]

Pregnancy Stages First Trimester

Pregnancy is calculated in trimesters. There are total 40 weeks of pregnancy and 1st to 12 weeks are called the first trimester. In all there are three trimesters. Pregnancy stages first trimester are many and affect almost all organs of the body. These changes are produced because of the hormonal changes in the body.  Pregnancy […]

40 Weeks Pregnant: Labor Pain, Contractions, Bleeding and Baby

40 Weeks Pregnant: Labor Pain, Contractions, Bleeding and Baby 40 weeks pregnant women have reached the end of pregnancy phase. At 40 weeks pregnant,  you are at the right time for you to deliver the baby. You are very close to your delivery and can expect your baby very soon. If you do not experience […]

39 Weeks Pregnant: Vaginal Discharge, Less Baby Movements, Constipation

39 Weeks Pregnant: Vaginal Discharge, Less Baby Movements, Constipation When you are 39 weeks pregnant, you would be experiencing mood swings. This is the mainly because being 39 weeks pregnant you are nearing the delivery time frame. Heartburn and constipation are two complaints that are given by all expectant mothers when they are 39 weeks […]