Best Pregnancy Books for Expecting Mothers

If you are pregnant and it’s your first baby, you might be interested in learning about pregnancy. The easiest way to learn about pregnancy and its things is to read good pregnancy books.  Reading a book related to pregnancy is really a helpful thing to pregnant women. It’s because when you are expecting your first […]

Coffee and Pregnancy – Is It Safe to Drink Coffee During Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women ask questions about coffee and pregnancy because they are curious to know if it is safe to drink coffee during pregnancy or not. In the past, coffee consumption during pregnancy was not considered safe. This perception still exists among pregnant women. However, according to a number of studies, it is safe to […]

Smoking and Pregnancy – Some Eye Opening Facts

If you are pregnant and smoke, you should understand that smoking and pregnancy are two totally incompatible things.  You are strongly advised to immediately stop smoking after getting to know that you have successfully conceived and you have a developing baby inside of you. There are a number of health risks that are associated with […]

Pregnancy Weight Gain, How Much is Enough and Other Facts

The body of a pregnant woman goes under dramatic changes. It’s because pregnancy weight gain is a normal thing and a pregnant woman has a developing fetus inside her. She has to take care of two bodies and her baby is growing inside of her. Today, most health experts and doctors suggest that a pregnant […]

Free Pregnancy Test Online – Should I Rely on It?

You can get a free pregnancy test online to determine if you are pregnant or not. Many women use these tests to find out if they are pregnant. You can also use these tests if you are feeling the symptoms of being pregnant and you don’t want to talk about it with your family and […]

Pregnancy Calculator – How Useful It is?

If you are a mom-to-be and wondering when your baby will arrive in this world, pregnancy calculator can give you the answer of this question. All pregnant women always ask this question to their doctors in every visit. It’s mainly because they are very much excited to know the due date of their baby’s arrival. […]