Most Frequent Pregnancy Questions and Where to get Answers

Pregnancy is a time that brings with it loads of happiness as well as so many questions that are quite baffling. Especially for the first time mothers these pregnancy questions are very important. Each sign each symptom raises millions of questions and not everyone has the answers for these pregnancy questions. Pregnancy Questions Websites There […]

5 Pregnancy Hormones and Their Importance

Hormones are chemicals that are released from one part of body or cell and affect other part of the body they are normally required in very small amounts. They are very important for all major functions of the body, similarly when one is pregnant pregnancy hormones are produced these hormones make sure that pregnancy proceeds […]

Who Should Opt For Pregnancy Blood Test

When a pregnancy is suspected the first thing done is a pregnancy test. There are two, kinds of pregnancy tests one is a urine pregnancy test and other is pregnancy blood test. Both the tests work on the principle of detecting pregnancy hormone or beta HCG. This hormone is produced by the placenta 7-10 days […]

Pregnancy Discrimination Act On Hiring and Maternity Leave

Discrimination means treatment of people differently because of their belonging to a certain group or category. Pregnancy discrimination act means lawful stopping of treating a pregnant woman in an unfavorable manner because she is pregnant or has given birth to a child or has a problem related to pregnancy. What Does Pregnancy Discrimination Act Say […]

Which are the best pregnancy websites for information

These days technology has made such progress that getting information is really easy. Information on any and everything is easily available and same applies to pregnancy, so many pregnancy websites are available that getting prompt information on any of the pregnancy related issues is very simple. Some Pregnancy Websites Some pregnancy websites are,, […]

Smoking During Pregnancy: Hazards for the Baby and Mother

Pregnancy is a special time and one needs to take special care of one’s self during this time. Its heavy responsibility to be a parent and especially when one is carrying the baby inside all care should be taken that any of the habit that can be hazardous to the baby’s health should be changed. […]

Essentials of Preparing for Pregnancy and Benefits

Preparing for pregnancy means one has taken time to think and has come to a decision that now is the time to get pregnant and then tries to find what are things needed to have a baby and what changes one needs to make, health issues if there are any need to be taken care […]

What is Pregnancy Test Accuracy and How to Check it

The first thing that one does after a missed period or sometimes in certain cases even before a missed period is to perform a home pregnancy test. These tests are easily available in pharmacies, in supermarkets etc and come with detailed instructions as to how to perform the test. Pregnancy test accuracy depends on the […]

What to do next after Negative Pregnancy Test

Sometimes in a rush to find out whether one is pregnant or not pregnancy test is performed, but it is a negative pregnancy test there’s a big fat “no” starring in one’s face and then the emotional rollercoaster starts. Somehow this time, when the test was performed and even after negative pregnancy test the body […]

What is Pregnancy Timeline and Benefits of Using it

Pregnancy is a time in one’s life when extra care has to be taken and all the attention and love that can be showered on the mother to be should be done. Pregnancy timeline is a calendar that helps in keeping track of pregnancy signs and symptoms and body changes as well as baby’s development. […]