Chances of Pregnancy After 40 and Pros and Cons

Many women put off getting pregnant till they are well settled in life and there are variety of reasons for doing so, but then the dreaded 40 comes and then the fact hits hard that can pregnancy after 40 happen? Well, the answer to this question is yes! It can happen but the ride is […]

5 Most Important Pregnancy Vitamins

Healthy diet is a must at all times but is all the more important when pregnant. While pregnant the demand for nutrition increases because the woman has to eat for the baby as well. It is recommended that the regular diet is supplemented with pregnancy vitamins and minerals. The supplements are prescribed by the doctor […]

Top 6 Best Pregnancy Books

Books are the best friends in the world. They are there when you have no one and they are there for each and every occasion. They give information when needed, give solace from the outside world when it’s needed and take one away to an imaginary world when that is needed. There are books for […]

Function, Types and When to Buy Pregnancy Belt

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life and it brings with it a wide range of changes in the body. First and foremost change that is very visible is the weight gain. The growing weight of the baby inside uterus puts lot of strain on woman’s pelvis and lower back and this can […]

Causes of Anemia During Pregnancy and Effects on Baby

Anemia means reduced red blood cells in the body which cause unusual tiredness. This decrease in red blood cells can be because of lack of production or increased loss of blood. Red blood cells are formed in the bone marrow and require iron, folic acid and vitamin B 12 for production. If any of these […]

What to Do to Get Relief from Pregnancy Rash

During pregnancy skin changes are very common and are not to be of concern. These normal skin changes should not be mistaken for a rash. The normal skin changes in pregnancy are melasma or chloasma, darkening of pre existing moles, linea nigra, stria gravidarum and acne. Pregnancy rash is different from all these regular changes […]

Pregnancy Options and Chances After Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation or having tubes tied is one of the common methods of sterilization of women, in which fallopian tubes are clamped and tied; this prevents egg from reaching the uterus. Normally tubal ligation is said to be a permanent method of contraception. Pregnancy after tubal ligation is possible but will require some assistance in […]

What to Do When Feeling Dizziness During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when the body undergoes lots of changes and sometimes these changes give rise to lot of symptoms. Dizziness during pregnancy is one such symptom and is very common. Normally it is encountered in the first trimester but sometimes it might continue throughout pregnancy. Main Cause of Dizziness The main cause of […]

Cause of Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy and How to Get Relief

Pregnancy is a time when the whole body is under tremendous pressure and lot of changes are going on in the body. The three trimesters see a woman undergo lot of symptoms, pelvic pain during pregnancy, is also one such symptom and is a very common occurrence. There are many different causes of this pain, […]

Symptoms and Management of HPV During Pregnancy

HPV or human papilloma virus is the commonest sexually transmitted virus. Sexually active men and women can get affected by it some time in their life but most would not know about this infection because it does not give rise to any specific symptoms and thus does not require any treatment. A mother can transmit […]