Pregnancy Nausea and How to Handle it

Nausea and pregnancy are synonymous. Pregnancy nausea is also known as morning sickness which again is not a proper word for it because this nausea and vomiting is not restricted to morning only. Some women have worst nausea in the morning and then slowly settle down during the day while for others it goes on […]

How to Avoid Awkward Pregnancy Photos

Photographs are an important part of a family’s history. It marks important events and occasions and chronicles the time that has been spent. Pregnancy is a very special time in anyone’s life and warrants for photographs at every milestone. Sometimes awkward pregnancy photos are shot. Photographs during Pregnancy Taking photographs during pregnancy is very normal. […]

How to Make Perfect Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy time is a time of decisions; it includes all kinds of decisions from letting the news out to naming the baby. Pregnancy announcements is also one such decision that expectant parents have to take. Some prefer to let the world know as soon as they get the news while some prefer to wait till […]

Important Facts About Pregnancy Test Results

The first thing that someone does after suspecting pregnancy is to perform pregnancy test. This test is of two types one is blood and other is urine. Urine pregnancy test is normally home and is known as the qualitative test and only confirms the presence or absence of pregnancy while the blood test is quantitative […]

Preparing for Pregnancy – What to Expect and How to Handle

Almost all the women have this blessing that they are given the capacity to bear a baby during their life, at least once. A baby is the most beautiful and perfect gift to the husband by a woman. A baby brings the couple closer to each other and it is also the time when they […]

Essure – a New Safe and Easy Family Planning Alternative

The decision about the right size of the family is a very personal one and it has now become easier for the women to ensure that their family size remains as per their wishes. Tubal Ligation or getting your tubes tied is not the only option for those women who have decided that their family […]

How to Prevent Complications of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Blood pressure means the force exerted by blood on the walls of arteries. This pressure is measured by two numbers the first number is called the systolic pressure and is the measurement of pressure in the arteries when the heart muscle contracts. The other number is called the diastolic pressure and is the measurement of […]

Causes of Itching During Pregnancy and When to see a Doctor

Pregnancy brings with it a wide variety of symptoms and many of them might sound strange but are common during pregnancy. Itching during pregnancy is also one such symptom and is very common during pregnancy. This itchy skin is mostly around the belly and breasts and most common during second and third trimester of pregnancy. […]

All Details of Twin Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy is a precious moment in one’s life and if one has a twin or multiple pregnancy than its all the more special because it is double the experience and joy. Twin pregnancy week by week is almost similar to a single pregnancy. Broadly pregnancy consists of three trimesters and same is true for twin […]

Cause, Symptoms, Risks and Treatment of Choestasis of Pregnancy

Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy is also known as the pregnancy jaundice. It is most common in last trimester of pregnancy and presents with severe itching. It causes complications in both mother and baby. Cholestasis literally means slowing of digestive fluid bile. If a woman develops itrahepatic cholestasis then early delivery is recommended. Cause of Intrahepatic […]