Announcing Your Pregnancy – The Perfect way

Pregnancy is something so exciting that as soon as you know about it, it takes over your mind and heart. It’s time to let people know you’re expecting a baby, and you have to let your significant other know too don’t you? The topic of announcing the pregnancy, however, has gone through many debates. You need to know the best time, place and way of letting people know about your happiness. And for this, you better balance the benefits and drawbacks of all times and techniques. Simultaneously, you don’t need to be too mainstream about it; choose a very unique way to disclose the news!

Sharing news early

If the news is shared as soon as you find out, you’ll have some really strong benefits. Not only will you be overwhelmed with affection and care; people will also help you out throughout the nine months. You can get lots of guidance from their experience of pregnancy and the best gynecologists in town will be known to you as well. On the other hand, if there’s a miscarriage, there are loads of people to help you recover from the loss.

On the other hand, there are some obvious drawbacks to an early announcement. You won’t be able to cater so many suggestions and idea, and too many people can make you feel worse about a miscarriage and having to give details about it again and again. Consecutively, loads of people may find out about the loss of the baby before you’re in your right senses, and this can be very depressing.

Announcement decisions

You’ve told your partner about the baby, and your immediate family is also trusted with the special news. Now it’s all your choice on whom to tell about the pregnancy. Be very cautious in who you trust; not every person is a well-wisher. Your spouse needs to know, of course, since this is a very special moment in your relationship. A baby binds you together even stronger; don’t ever forget how romantic this is! On the next step, you better inform your parents about the happy news. You’re happy to be parents, and they’re delighted to be grandparents! They’ve been through this and know so much more than you, hence the help from their end will be immense.

The way of announcement is very something very important. You don’t need to do it the old fashioned way; unleash that inner creativity in you. Perhaps you can make his favorite dinner, light up some scented candles and announce the news while you have the meal? Perhaps get a baby boot and tie it to his car’s rear view mirror? Go out for the night and pull him into baby shopping stores? Put your pregnancy test results in an envelope and tell him he’s got some special mail? Or just be romantic and let him know he’s going to be a father with a baby picture or other baby objects.

Telling family and friends

Friends and family will also be happy to receive the news differently! You can send them picture frames saying “Coming soon” and write the date of expected delivery? Send them photographs of you and your husband with a handwritten note on the back? Even better, write a cute little note from your baby, saying that he/she will be joining their lives soon! There are so many ways to do it so!