Zoloft and Pregnancy: Usage, Warning and Complications

Zoloft is an antidepressant the other name foe it is sertaline. Zoloft is used to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders and post traumatic disorders. It affects chemicals in the brain that cause the conditions like depression, anxiety, etc. Zoloft and pregnancy is not an ideal situation because FDA has categorized Zoloft as category C drug.

Zoloft and Pregnancy: Warnings

Zoloft is categorized as category C drug it means that there is no evidence of teratogenecity in animals but there is some proof that survival rate of animals exposed to the drug is low. New born who were exposed to Zoloft and pregnancy in the third trimester had complications that required hospitalization, respiratory support and needed feeding support as well. Complications can arise immediately after birth.

Zoloft and Pregnancy Complications

Zoloft and pregnancy complications that can arise are respiratory distress, temperature instability, cyanosis, jitters, irritability, hyper tonicity etc. these symptoms depict the direct or indirect toxic effects of the drug or drug discontinuation syndrome. This situation can result in high number of neonatal deaths.

Zoloft and Pregnancy: Usage

Zoloft and pregnancy it’s usage has to be justified that benefit is more than the risk. There are other treatments for depression and antidepressant drug is not the only option. There are major risks associated with antidepressant usage but the risk has to be assessed and if the risk of untreated depression is more than Zoloft can be prescribed.

Zoloft and Pregnancy: Conclusion

In conclusion it can be said that Zoloft and pregnancy is not a good combination. Pregnancy is a time when all unnecessary exposure to chemicals should be restricted and each usage should be carefully weight against benefits and risks. Zoloft is also secreted in breast milk so during breast feeding also the usage should be carefully weighed.