Pregnancy Due Date: How To Find your Due Date

Pregnancy Due Date: How To Find your Due Date

Every mom-to-be is excited to welcome her baby and she wants to know her pregnancy due date. There are a number of ways by which pregnancy due date is calculated. The simplest way to find out your due date is to consult your physician and he/she will tell you about your due date. However, if you want to calculate your due date yourself, you can use some simple ways to predict the due birth date of your baby. Following are some easy ways for the calculation of due dates.

Typical Method of Calculating Pregnancy Due Date

Typically, pregnancy due date is calculated on the basis of the last menstrual period’s first day. The duration of a normal and healthy pregnancy is 266 days from the time of pregnancy due dateconception, or it’s 280 days if you are counting it by using your last menstrual period. The total duration on the basis of these calculations is about 40 weeks or 9 months.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

A great number of pregnancy calculators are readily available on the web that can be used to calculate pregnancy due dates. You can easily find any good calculator on any reliable health related website on the web. However, it is strongly recommended to you to use only accurate calculator and information to find out the accurate due date.

Use Ultrasound to Predict Pregnancy Due Date

Ultrasound is also widely used to predict pregnancy due date. If pregnant women don’t know when they had their last period, doctors use ultrasound to determine the due date. Ultrasound can help a lot to determine the accurate due date. One of the most important questions about using ultrasound for due date determination is the accuracy of this method. Ultrasound is more accurate than pregnancy calculators that are used for the same purpose. It’s because ultrasound technique is based on medical and practical evaluations then calculators that are based on only verbal information.

Pregnancy Due Date is not 100% Accurate

It is very important to understand that pregnancy due dates are not set in stone and your doctor cannot firmly say that you are going to deliver your baby on a specific date. In fact, many doctors avoid giving any specific date to pregnant women. They give monthly time frames to expectant mothers.

Take Care of Your Health Till Pregnancy Due Date

It is very important for all pregnant women to be extra careful about their health in order to maintain good health during pregnancy and to avoid birth defects and complications at the time of delivery. Sometimes, expectant mothers don’t take enough care of their health and they get complications in pregnancy. In some cases, expectant mothers give birth to their baby before due date and these babies are known as preterm babies.

On the whole, there are a number of ways that can be used to determine the due date without any problem. You should consult your physician about it to know the date when you will welcome your baby.

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