Pregnancy Calculator NHS: How to Use Pregnancy Calculator NHS

Pregnancy Calculator nhs: Introduction

Pregnancy Calculator nhs is a feature available on the site Pregnancy Calculator nhs helps pregnant women to estimate the due date for the arrival of the baby. Before running to the doctor a woman can sit at home and still find out when her due date can be. This gives the pregnant women a rough idea and hence she can make her plans accordingly.

The Pregnancy Calculator nhs states that the pregnancy period lasts for 37-42 weeks after the first date of the last period. If a woman is aware of the first day of her last period then she can use the pregnancy calculator nhs for calculating her due date.

Pregnancy Calculator nhs: How it works

The pregnancy calculator nhs requires you to enter the first date of your last period and the length of your regular period cycle (which can be varied). After entering these details when you press the ‘calculate date’ button the proposed date comes on the screen.

pregnancy calculator nhs

The Pregnancy Calculator nhs also enables one to save their date online and also allows them to enter and save their pregnancy plans online by signing up. Two types of accounts are available for this purpose.

Pregnancy Calculator nhs: Advantages and Disadvanatages

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  • It helps woman to estimate when the baby is due
  • It allows to plan well in advance about their pregnancy
  • The calculator might give you the exact date.
  • It can also help you judge who the correct father of your child is.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • The site also contains many pregnancy related articles that one may find useful.
  • The date may come out to be wrong.
  • It helps women start their antenatal care on time.
  • Pregnancy calculator nhs also has an interactive feature where people can ask questions and interact with other pregnant women. 


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