Free Pregnancy Test Options and Accuracy

Free pregnancy test is for anyone, especially for those who would think that they are pregnant but can’t seem to afford the cost of the test. Many options of free pregnancy test are available and if one really looks they can easily avail these options.

Free Pregnancy Test Options

The first option for free pregnancy test is pregnancy center these are in all major towns and cities and these pregnancy centers offer pregnancy counseling as well as tests and ultrasounds. Next option can be Planned Parenthood offices they provide birth control options as well as pregnancy test and birthing options. If pregnancy is unwanted then adoption agencies can also provide one with free pregnancy test if adoption is an option. Sometimes school nurses also offer free pregnancy test kits.

Free Pregnancy Test Online Quiz

There are quite a few free pregnancy test online quizzes available these to a certain extent do provide one with a suggestion whether one is pregnant or not by asking questions about symptoms in the body. It should though be kept in mind that online free pregnancy test is not always accurate and should be used just as a reference point and nothing much.

Websites Offering Free Pregnancy Test

There are quite a few websites that offer free pregnancy test online for example,,, and these are just a few websites if one wishes to consider the online option for pregnancy testing.

Free Pregnancy Test

One should remember that free pregnancy test wherever it is offered is a urine based test that checks the presence of the pregnancy hormone in the body so it’s better to opt for theses only after a period is missed so that chances are of getting accurate result. If the test is done too early or before missed period then sometimes the hormone level is very low in the urine and is not detected.