19 Weeks Pregnant: Pelvic Pain, Heartburn, Abdomen Pain, Dark Skin

19 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Grows Bigger

19 Weeks pregnantWhen you are 19 weeks pregnant, it’s the time when your baby grows bigger. Your body at 19 weeks pregnant shows some noticeable and faster changes. Your baby’s height increases significantly during this week. It occurs due to the development of your baby’s legs. You will feel pelvic pain during this week.

19 Weeks Pregnant: Changes In Your Baby

When you’re 19 weeks pregnant, your baby will experience some noticeable and fast changes. These changes include the following.

  • Your baby’s height is about 10 inches.
  • Your baby’s weight is about eight and half ounces.
  • Your baby is growing faster than the previous weeks of pregnancy.
  • Pockets to specialize in smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch begin to form in your baby’s brain.
  • Your baby’s kidneys begin to function regularly. Your baby is now urinating.
  • The growth of hair on your baby’s scalp continues until the time of birth.
  • Your baby’s appetizing diet on an amniotic fluid begins during this week. Your baby can swallow and digest the fluids. Your baby will show first bowel movements.
  • Your baby’s sex organs are organized in order to maintain future growth.
  • Your doctor can observe the uterus in a baby girl and testicles in a baby boy.

19 Weeks Pregnant: Changes In Your Body 

Not only your baby but also your body is subject to a lot of significant and fast changes during this week of pregnancy. One of the major changes is pelvic pain. You can prevent pelvic pain by the help of pregnancy exercise.

19 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms 

You will notice some noticeable signs and symptoms of this week of pregnancy. These signs and symptoms include the following.

Balance problems – you will feel lightheaded. You will find it difficult to climb downhill or go uphill. Your center of gravity is ff due to which you will experience problems in getting up from a chair.

Digestive problems – heartburn is normal during this week of pregnancy that can cause discomfort. You will notice some digestive problems such as slow bowel movements.

Round ligament pain – that occurs in the lower abdomen. This pain is common when you are 19 weeks pregnant.

Skin problems – dark patches will appear on skin during this week of pregnancy. These spots will vanish after pregnancy. Your palms may appear reddish in color. It occurs due to the increased levels of estrogen.

Tips to Cope With the Signs of 19th Week of Pregnancy

A good way to cope with the signs of the 19th week of pregnancy is to educate yourself about those signs and symptoms that you are experiencing when you are 19 weeks pregnant. Following are some useful tips for you to cope with the symptoms of this week of pregnancy.

Limit your exposure to sun – it is important to limit your exposure to sun in order to avoid skin problems.

Pregnancy exercise – it can help you prevent pelvic pain. You should consult your health care provider to know what type of pregnancy exercise is safe for your health.

Keep your body hydrated – hydration will help you prevent dry skin and slow bowel movements when you are 19 weeks pregnant.

Take small meals – in order to avoid slow bowel movements and digestive problems, you should consume several small meals instead of large meals.